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jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2022

Expanse Wallet - Android

 ExpanseWallet open source wallet android preview

About ExpanseWallet - Features

Easy to use and secure open source Expanse wallet for Android, with native ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 and ERC875 support.

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Secure Enclave Security
  • Web3 dApp Browser
  • Interact with DeFi, DAO and Games with SmartTokens
  • No hidden fees or tech background needed

ExpanseWallet Is A Token Wallet

ExpanseWallet's focus is to provide an interface to interact with Expanse Tokens in an intuitive, simple and full featured manner.


ExpanseWallet - uses the best parts from AlphaWallet to provide Expanse community best practices.

AlphaWallet is founded by blockchain geeks, business professionals who believe blockchain technology will have a massive impact on the future and change the landscape of technology in general.

We are committed to connecting businesses and consumers with the new digital economic infrastructure through tokenisation. Tokenised rights can be traded on the market and integrated across systems, forming a Frictionless Market and allowing limitless integration with the web.

We want to give businesses the whitelabel tools they need to develop their ethereum wallets, and join the tokenised economy.


Get ExpanseWallet on Google Play

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2022

Descubre lo que Bitso+ tiene para ti


En general, a nadie le gustan los lunes, pero con Bitso+ van a ser tu día favorito. Ahora todos los lunes recibirás rendimientos de hasta el 15% anual por tus USD stablecoins y de hasta un 6% anual por tu balance en bitcoin.

No tendrás que pagar ningún cargo extra por usar Bitso+, y no hay periodos de bloqueo. ¡Puedes convertir o retirar tu balance cuando quieras!

Para empezar, debes unirte a Bitso+ desde la app, donde debes tener balance en USD stablecoins o bitcoin.

Así funciona:

¡Es muy fácil! Y no tienes que esperar todo un año para recibir tus rendimientos. Los rendimientos se calculan en base anual, pero los recibirás todas las semanas. Además tus fondos estarán disponibles para hacer trading, convertir o retirar cuando quieras.

¿Tienes más preguntas sobre Bitso+? Haz clic aquí.

–  El equipo de Bitso


Operar con cripto conlleva riesgos como volatilidad en los precios y pérdida de capital. Más información aquí.

No más búfer en Odysee




No hay más almacenamiento en búfer en Odysee 🦍 Finalmente puedes ver videos en Odysee sin que tarden una eternidad en cargarse 💪

¡Hoy hacemos presencia con nuestra mayor actualización de rendimiento en la historia de Odysee y nos gustaría invitarlos a todos a ver por sí mismos qué tan bien les funcionan las actualizaciones!

Para aquellos de ustedes que nos probaron en el pasado pero encontraron que el rendimiento no era aceptable, los invitamos humildemente a probar Odysee nuevamente ❤️

Nos gustaría agradecerles a todos por su paciencia y apoyo durante el año pasado, ya que trabajamos incansablemente para mejorar el rendimiento para todos ustedes.

Sabemos que muchos de ustedes se han quejado del rendimiento de la reproducción, por lo que nos complace poder finalmente traerles esta noticia hoy. 🙏


Con mucho amor,

Equipo Odysee.

martes, 8 de febrero de 2022





Menta is a powerful enterprise software used to create and manage non fungible tokens on the Expanse blockchain. The current solutions on the market are clunky, expensive, and largely inaccessible to consumers and businesses alike. As NFTs continue to grow in popularity, so too will the demand grow among consumers. Menta is a product that gives immutable certainty to digital assets like documents, images, texts, art, property, game assets and more all from the convenience of an API.


When you choose Menta to immortalize your digital assets your business will no longer have to manage cumbersome crypto wallets, follow all the micro trends in the technology, or worry about buying cryptocurrency on obscure exchanges.

Menta will do it all for you. All you have to do is what you do best, be creative, Menta will do the rest.

Welcoming MyCrypto to the MetaMask Family


MyCrypto MetaMask Email Header


Welcoming MyCrypto to the MetaMask Family 🦊💙 

Exciting news! Last week, ConsenSys announced the acquisition of MyCrypto, an Ethereum interface that has been deeply involved in the community for 5+ years.


MyCrypto and MetaMask have been working together in the Ethereum space for a long time - in 2017 MetaMask implemented MyCrypto’s scam blocklist (known as CryptoScamDB) to protect MetaMask users from visiting known scam URLs.


Dan Finlay, co-founder of MetaMask said: “MyCrypto has consistently been one of the most reliable and intercompatible wallets in Ethereum, often shipping cutting-edge Ethereum features ahead of other wallets, while MetaMask has focused on general-purpose dapp interactions. With our talents combined, and our strong sense of shared ethics and goals for this ecosystem, I think we’ll be able to provide a wallet experience that is much more able to help users make the best decisions through this rapidly evolving Web3 wallet landscape.”


MyCrypto brings a deep level of understanding of the Ethereum community, a security-first approach, and a suite of tools for advanced users. Their web application and desktop applications will make a wonderful addition to our extension and mobile products.


We’re very excited to have MyCrypto join the family. Give them a warm welcome🦊💙


Want to learn more about the MyCrypto acquisition? Below are some more resources:


Team MetaMask 🦊

domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2021

MetaMask Monthly | October News 💌

  MetaMask Monthly October


This month we met some of you in Lisbon, we gave our Extension buttons a makeover and made it easier to detect tokens you may be missing in your wallet. On the topic of missing things, watch our new video about how to find missing accounts. Finally, keep an eye out for Ledger integration improvements, coming soon.


Oh and no, we didn't change our name to FACE


BE AWARE: we identified a new email scam (read below for more information). Scamming activity continues to evolve. Keep this in mind when you receive emails, messages, or any other type of communication asking you to click links or share sensitive information.


Ledger Users: We Are Making Your Life Easier

🛠 Hardware Wallets

Our improved Ledger support will roll out very soon! We are migrating away from the previous approach of bridging to the Ledger Live app, and instead are creating a new direct integration between Ledger and MetaMask. We hope this removes the frustration we heard from you since the Chrome changes earlier this year. Additionally, Ledger users can be confident that the teams will be collaborating closely to ensure a great user experience moving forward. Keep an eye out on our Twitter account for more information, which is coming soon.


NEW: Token Detection Feature

🦊 Product

With the roll out of our new Extension (10.3.0) and App (3.4.1) release, you will find a new feature: token detection! This feature improves auto-detection of owned tokens, without having to import them manually. Note: currently, this is an experimental opt-in feature and only available on Ethereum Mainnet. Please stay safe and operate with caution, do your due diligence and don’t interact with unfamiliar tokens.


Extension Button Change

🧩 Extension

Extension’s button style has been given a makeover! It was inconsistent and not in parity with mobile’s button design. Below the big reveal about how we changed our Extension button in v10.3.0. So not to stress if you notice the difference, it’s still us. More information in this Tweet.

MetaMask - Old and New Extension Buttons


New Scam Alert: Phishing Emails

🕵️ Scams

Some of our users have received emails coming from “noreply@metamask.io” asking them to verify their MetaMask wallet. This is a scam! 

We don’t ask for your email address when you create a MetaMask wallet, so we would never be able to ask you to verify it.


Lisbon 2021

📍 Events

We had so much fun joining the crowd in Lisbon where we hosted events with our awesome MetaMask panel for Q&A, we handed out swag and met a lot of new people. Missed us? Don’t worry, our next stop is NFT.NYC. We look forward to seeing you in The Big Apple. 


Hardened JS with Agoric

🔐 Security

We've been working with @Agoric on hardening Hardened JS, a tool for making software (like MetaMask) safer than ever. Learn more about it here.


Updates to Buy ETH with MetaMask

🛒 Onramps

  • For our U.S. users: Wyre is rolling out ACH (🇺🇸 bank transfers) this week! Extension users will be able to select this when buying ETH through MetaMask. Currently, the default is set to “Credit/Debit”, but when you click “edit” you can now select “ACH Transfer”. ACH allows for a higher purchase limit and lower fees. 
  • Transak added support for 15 new currencies. See here for the full list.

New Extension and App Releases

📲#What’s New

The Fox doesn’t sleep. Want to know what we’ve been working on? Check out some of our updates from the new releases we launched this month:




  • We've changed the style of our buttons to be friendlier! Don't be alarmed when you see rounded edges on our buttons.

Mobile App

V3.4.0 & V3.4.1:

  • We soft-launched our improved token detection as an opt-in experimental feature on Ethereum Mainnet, and needs to be toggled ON in “Settings”. Try it out and give feedback to help us balance security & usability. Soon to come on some custom networks.
  • We enhanced transaction stability on the app, and will continue to iterate in future updates.
  • Bug fixes.
  • V3.3.0 release note: we said we support the “switch_Ethereum” method. This is incorrect - we support the “wallet_switchEthereumChain” method.


  • Technical improvements to help reduce the occurrence of ‘Storage Limit’ error.
  • Tokens now support IPFS linked images.
  • Bug fixes 🐜


🎬[Video] How to find your missing account

If you've recovered a MetaMask wallet, you may have noticed one or more accounts missing. This video will help you understand six possible reasons for this and how to restore your accounts in your MetaMask wallet.


New Custodian Integrations for MetaMask Institutional

The Blue Fox

This month, MetaMask Institutional announced partnerships with BitGo, Cactus Custody, and Qredo to provide small and large organizations with access to DeFi that fulfills institution-required security, operational efficiency, and compliance needs.


Want to Build Web3.0? Join the MetaMask team

🤝 #Hiring

We’re hiring! 

This is just a snapshot of what roles we’re looking to hire for. Make sure you check out all the open MetaMask roles and Marketing roles we’re hiring for at the moment.


Keep on exploring! Remember, if you ever need a little help, head to our Community Support Channel or jump into the MetaMask Discord to connect with the team.


Team MetaMask 🦊


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